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P-30, Dalimtala Lane Extn.
(C.I.T.) Kolkata 700 006
West Bengal, INDIA.
Contact : + 91 33 2555 9199 (Resi), 9231503427 (Mobile).


Date of Birth   :   14th May.
Guru (Teacher)   :   Pdt. Manilal Nag
Qualification   :   B.Sc. , LLB
Doordarshan(Television) Prog. Since   :   1975
Awards   1976  

All India Ostad Bhagwan SITARY Memorial Music Competition - special prize award.



Indo - Am Award, Best sitarist of 1981 presented by Indo - American Society.



DISHARI Award. Best sitarist of 1985, presented by West Bengal Journalist Association.



West Bengal Govt. Music Appreciation Course Award. Presented by West Bengal Sangeet Academy Information and Culture - Govt. of West Bengal.


Concerts   1983  

Tour concerts in London - one month tour. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Hindu Cultural Society Swami Narayan Temple; BBC of London and other many organizations - 10 Concerts.



Germany-two and half month tour-Martin Luther Church and some Musical Organizations.

London :
BBC of London.
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and many organizations. 15 Concerts (Germany and London).




Germany :
46 Nos of Concerts-three and half month tour of cities and towns in Germany. Played at Stadt Radio, Manheim Television, one day guest of honour in Bremen city; represented India on 26th January 1985 in Bonn city organized by Deutsch - Indische Gesellschaft. e.v. Bonn - koln - played in Bonn Centre - Universities, and Musical Organizations.



Two months tour in Germany (Nov. and Dec'86). Played at Universities and musical organizations: 22 Concerts for two months.



In 1992 Kolkata Television took his interview cum SITAR Recital in their caption "Chena Mukh Achena Manush".



In 1999, Arun was invited to Germany by the Indian Cultural Centre, Berlin for a 45 days tour. He played sitar concerts in Indian Cultural Centre, Berlin, Iskon, Unesses, Art Centre and he played Nature with Music in Ritze Village and many other sitar Concerts in Germany.

Started playing Sitar at the age of 10.
Played at school, college and university and many organizations in India.



A Prominent Television Channel "R-plus" took his interview cum sitar recital in the programme "Antaranga"



A leading nationl Tv channel "ETV Bangla" He participited in a very controversial debate on bengali culture.

In 2010 Arun has been appointed a member of the LOK ADALAT Bench in the “LOK ADALAT” by the State Legal & District Legal services Authority West Bengal.


CD "Raag Anuraag" with various raagas published.




Sitar recital at Scottish Church college former student association on the occasion of annual bijaya dashami sammelan.

Sitar recital at Toronto during Durga Puja Festival and Deepavali organised by Prabashi Bengali Cultural Association.

Performed during this period at various other programs organised by various communities at Canada.

Interviews and performance at Amantran TV Toronto.


As a student of the 1969 batch of Scottish Church Collegiate School, sitar recital at Mohit Mancha, Kolkata, on 24.08.2019, on the occasion of 50 years Golden Jubilee celebration of the 1969 batch of the School. Widely appreciated by the huge audience present.


However the pandemic did not deter Arun Kumar Shaha from continuing with his love for music . His popularity in India and abroad invited him to perform in facebook online concerts. Association like SARB AKAL Music Society of Calgary Canada, Madhubanti Sangeet Kala Kendra of Bangladesh, etc warmly invited him in such concerts. In India Jaipur Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Dumraon Gharana (Dhrupad tradition , Dumraon Bihar), Indradeo Center for Performing Arts, etc were too eager to have Arun Kumar Shaha as one of their most popular Sitarist.

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