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Sitarist Arun Kumar Shaha was born in Kolkata. After Graduating in Science from Scottish Church College, he further graduated in Law from the Calcutta University. Added to his academic qualifications in his proficiency as commercial Model yet, instead of pursuing a career in Law or entering the world of sport, Arun was irresistibly drawn into the world of Indian Classical Music and once he was exposed to Sitar music. He resolutely resolved to become an eminent sitarist, to seek fuller expression of himself through the sitar.

In this he was extremely fortunate in receiving the blessings and the guidance of none other than Pdt. Manilal Nag, the son of Pandit Gokul Nag of the revered Bishnupur Gharana of Bengal. Pdt. Nag is today considered to be one of the most famous sitarists of India and abroad.

Under the aegis of this formidable "guru", Arun took his training, to be meticulously well-versed in all the "ragas" and "talas". Being a truly creative artist, Arun today combines extraordinary skill over the sitar with a tremendous feel for mood.

In his innumerable on-stage and for Kolkata Television, Arun has already stolen the heart of his audiences. Some of his memorable stage performances were held at functions organized by the Indo-American Society, The American University Centre, A.U.C. Jazz Club, Sarba Bharatiya Sangeet Samaj, North Kolkata Music Circle Conference Kolkata University, Lalit Sanget Samsad, Bhabanipur Sangeet Sammelan, I.T.D.C. Music Festival and several other social organizations.

He has been the recipient of the Indo-Am. Award presented by the Indo-American Society, for the best sitarist of 1981.

After having charmed audiences in India, it was but inevitable that he would be invited to England and after several successful concerts was interviewed by the B.B.C. at London. In 1984 between May & July, Arun attended the "SITAR CONCERT" in Germany and England.

He further received invitations from "Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan", "Kala mandir", "India Association of London" "B.B.C. of London", "B.B.C. of London' and once again regaled audiences with his inspired rendition of sitar music.

In 1985 commencing in January, Arun subsequently was invited once again to Germany for a three and half month tour. His hectic schedule consisted of concerts in Hamburg at the Werks-statt, in Bremen at the Ubersee-Museum, where he played as a guest of the German Government.

He had two consecutive concerts in Berlin at the Floz, in Stuttgart at the Laboratorium and in Bonn at the Kulturforum, (Bonn Centre) where he played representing the Indian Govt. Arun appeared in German Television and Radio.

Beside the above, Arun also played before highly appreciative audiences at numerous other towns in Germany.

In 1986 he played at a total of 22 concerts in the months of Nov. & Dec. The concerts at Kiel University, Darmstadt University, Flemsburg University and the Berlin Zeitloss and at Hamburg etc. were especially received with great enthusiasm. His popularity with his audience in the East and West itself testifies to his perfect playing and his mastery over the sitar.

On his return the West Bengal Journalists’ Association awarded him with the "DISHARI AWARD" for the best sitarist of 1985.

In the 1992 Kolkata Television took his interview cum Sitar Recital in their caption 'Chena Mukh Achena Manush'.

In 1999: Arun was received in Germany by Indian Cultural Centre, Berlin for two months tour.

He played Sitar concerts in India Cultural Centre, Berlin. ISKON, Unesses, Art Centre and he played nature with music in Ritze village etc.

Arun was given by West Bengal State Music Academy, Information and Cultural Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal "Music Appreciation Course Award" in 1988.

In 2009 A Prominent Television Channel “R-plus” took his interview cum sitar recital in the programme “Antaranga”

In 2010 a leading nationl Tv channel “ETV Bangla” He participited in a very controversial debate on bengali culture.

In 2010 Arun has been appointed a member of the LOK ADALAT Bench in the “LOK ADALAT” by the State Legal & District Legal services Authority West Bengal.

In 2017 CD "Raag Anuraag" with various raagas published.

In 2018:

Sitar recital at Scottish Church college former student association on the occasion of annual bijaya dashami sammelan.

Sitar recital at Toronto during Durga Puja Festival and Deepavali organised by Prabashi Bengali Cultural Association.

Performed during this period at various other programs organised by various communities at Canada.

Interviews and performance at Amantran TV Toronto.

In 2019

As a student of the 1969 batch of Scottish Church Collegiate School, sitar recital at Mohit Mancha, Kolkata, on 24.08.2019, on the occasion of 50 years Golden Jubilee celebration of the 1969 batch of the School. Widely appreciated by the huge audience present.

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